As the season begins, we would first like to welcome new members!

Most of the needed information is found in the calendar, listed on the home page. The calendar has set ‘groups’ so you can sort/view or sync only your swimmer’s schedule. To access this feature, hit the drop-down arrow next to the ‘Agenda’ on the upper-right of the calendar. If you are going to sync the calendar, you will have the option to pick the group to sync.

For years, the Seahawks have been using one swim tool, the kickboard a standard for all swim programs. This year the older swim group (Ages 11 & Older) will be introduced to new swim tools during training:  Hand Paddles, Swim Pull Buoys, and Swim Fins. It is recommended that ages 11 & Older acquire Hand Paddles and Swim Fins for this year’s swim season. (Kickboards and Swim Pull Boys will be available to all at the pool) At practices; Hand paddles, Buoys and Fins will be used simultaneously during a drill or in combination with a kickboard.

  • The Hand Paddles will help increase efficiency, create a more consistent feel for the water, help build better swim mechanics, and improve overall strength and technique.
  • The Swim Pull Buoy will help elevate the body, keeping the hips up and build upper body strength.
  • The Swim Fins will improve the leg strength; the extra propulsions from the kick will increase the yardage during practices.
  • A Mesh Bag ‘wet bag’ is used to carry all the wet items above. It frees up room of the regular swim bag keeping towel/clothes dry.

All items are available at D&Q

If you are new to swim, it helps to take a moment to review our
Swim Meet 101
Order of Events

We use the ‘RainedOut’ notification system to communicate immediate changes via Text, email and social media. If there is an immediate change in our schedule, a message is sent via RainedOut. This message will be posted on our website, tweeted through our twitter account and you can sign up to get email notification and/or text alerts.

The easiest way to sign up for text alerts with RainedOut is to simply send a text –

text: swimseahawks
to: 84483

You can sign up through the link on the right side of our home page.

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