Team Swim Weeks are the weeks swim merchandise is discounted at Danzeisen and Quigley. Team Swim Suits are available at D&Q.
Seahawks Team Swim Suit for 2017 “Speedo Angles”

D&Q2017 Danzeisen & Quigley Team Weeks

 March 23 – April 1
April 22 – April 30
May 20 – May 30 (Closed on Memorial Day)

Team Swim Suit are discounted all of the time and are in stock

TEAM WEEK SAVINGS 20% off all swim accessories
Caps – Sandals – Goggles – Fins – Bags
and Swim Suits by TYR, Speedo, Dolfin Uglies, Nike.

Team Week Savings on Practice Suits will be 50% off.